The filmed performance Papier chiffon is an attempt at dialogue between dancer Awa Joannais and a movement notator in the Benesh system. Like a drawing model, the performer executes a movement phrase that the notator transposes onto the score. The page of score usually written on paper is transformed into glass to leave room for transparency.
Rag paper is a paper made from pulp obtained from textile waste of linen, hemp, ramie or cotton. An old material that is transformed and recycled. We make a link with the choreographed gesture and the score of danced movement as a reused and reinvented means of expression. The body research carried out during this shooting uses the economy and the mutation of the gesture alone or in pairs. The movement changes us, makes us evolve and transforms us. This echoes the creations of the designer Elodie Louzaouen who works from tights that she cuts, assembles, superimposes to create pieces resembling a second skin.The grainy and imperfect rendering of the rag paper calls upon the visceral gestures of the dancers. We see the flesh stretching and relaxing. Volume, weight and movement come alive through contact and necessity. Here, we look for the substance at the expense of the form.

Director : Julie Oona, Lola Rudrauf

interpreters : Awa Lola
Photographer : Julie Oona
Music : Lucien
DOP : Victor
HMC : Alice
Production : Emma
Color Grader : Vinh Long Tran
Graphist : Pierre
Thank to Elodie Lou , Ma√Įa Dubois , Garrice

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